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Word Example of - coin

    Example Sentences for coin

    He put a coin into John's hand and then closed the lad's fingers over it.

    In Britain this coin became a sign of value and lost its reference to the sovereign.

    They are also privileged to coin money, and to purchase lands subject to the feudal rights of the sovereign.

    Out of it she took a twenty-five-cent piece and offered the coin to Barber.

    For the history of the various changes in the weights and value of the coin see Numismatics.

    From the earliest days there have been border counterfeiters of coin.

    The slender girl standing before the ticket window, stuffing change into her coin purse, turned quickly.

    Dropping my coin into the basket, I took up a glass and drank it.

    Garvin watched him curiously as he bent over the coin and struck the match.

    It is, in reality, the parasol that revolves under the coin.

Word Origin & History of - coin

    Word Origin & History

    coin 1304, from O.Fr. coigne "a wedge, cornerstone," from L. cuneus "a wedge." Die for stamping metal was wedge-shaped, and the word came to mean "thing stamped, a piece of money" by late 14c. To coin a phrase is c.1590. The "cornerstone" sense is now usually quoin.