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Word Example of - coincidence

    Example Sentences for coincidence

    Other things came into it; coincidence, mere fortuitous circumstances.

    It would be a coincidence if he was in a case which interested you.

    These thoughts and the coincidence of meeting Colonel Studholme, gave me courage.

    And this coincidence of qualities produces a coincidence of states of mind.

    It means a coincidence of facts with the deliverances of an enlightened and deliberate common sense.

    She could not find it in her to enjoy the irony of this coincidence.

    That had been too close on too many points to be dismissed as coincidence.

    Again he broke off, stunned by the coincidence, yet incapable of suspecting the truth.

    I have been startled by a coincidence into a five minutes' belief in supernatural agency.

    My dear Page, do you believe in the instrumentality of coincidence?

Word Origin & History of - coincidence

    Word Origin & History

    coincidence 1605, "exact correspondence," from Fr. coincidence, from coincider (see coincide). Meaning "a concurrence of events with no apparent connection" is from 1680s.

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