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Word Example of - coincident

    Example Sentences for coincident

    Coincident with the overturn came the dismissal of Bismarck and the elevation to the chancellorship of General von Caprivi.

    Yet the advent of these texts was coincident with a returning desire to observe nature.

    But every chronologer had failed to notice this coincident time of each as coincident.

    A second terrific drive, coincident with the Marne, had likewise failed.

    Coincident with the remark a fluent outburst of Parisian profanity came wafting in the open windows.

    And coincident with the fate of Nineveh had been the rise of the Chaldan power.

    These transactions were coincident with the events in Spain and Bayonne before mentioned.

    I have seen her, by some miracle of coincident, or by a destiny which never seems to leave me.

    And coincident with the same, she became the recipient of numerous offers from almost everywhere.

    Coincident with this development, totemic ideas and customs disappear.

Word Origin & History of - coincident

    Word Origin & History

    coincident c.1570, from Fr. coincident, from M.L. *coincidentem, prp. of coincidere (see coincide). Related: Coincidental (c.1800), coincidentally (1837), coincidently (1629).

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