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Word Example of - collapse

    Example Sentences for collapse

    Then he sat down in the thick timber, and the collapse from such intense emotions and such great exertions came quickly.

    In Bosnia, for some time after the Austrian collapse, it was inconvenient to travel.

    The collapse of the French Navy put a stop to further developments of either idea.

    War within, war without, and the army in a state of collapse!

    You see, that collapse of yours on Sunday night wasn't like you, in the normal course of things.

    Must have been making money hand-over-hand when the collapse came.

    His life may or may not have been prolonged; but out of collapse he opened his mouth repeatedly and took the drops.

    The disintegration of his party was as complete as the collapse of its issues.

    A collapse, and loss of nearly all the capital employed, followed in little more than twelve months.

    It was wonderful to see her collapse all in a heap like an empty sack.

Word Origin & History of - collapse

    Word Origin & History

    collapse 1732, from L. collapsus, pp. of collabi "fall together," from com- "together" + labi "to fall, slip." The pp. collapsed is attested from 1609, from L. collapsus, and this seems to have suggested the verb.

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