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Word Example of - collapsing

    Example Sentences for collapsing

    His legs were collapsing with exhaustion, his heart was bursting, his tongue protruding.

    But for a moment one day that security seemed to be collapsing.

    Vinal sank back in his chair, collapsing like a man withered with a palsy stroke.

    In a moment it was over, and then, collapsing with exhaustion, he sank into the chair.

    So there we were, with that mountain closing in upon us like a wall of Poe's collapsing room.

    He responded by collapsing like a camp bedstead, and I left him.

    The woman glared at her a moment longer, then slowly folded in on herself, collapsing, coughing and sobbing on the lawn.

    It seemed as if the metal helmet was collapsing under the shock.

    Pegs drew and guy-ropes parted, and the tent, collapsing, wrapped the battle in its greasy folds.

    This, they said, was the cause of its collapsing in midair under the heavy strain.

Word Origin & History of - collapsing

    Word Origin & History

    collapse 1732, from L. collapsus, pp. of collabi "fall together," from com- "together" + labi "to fall, slip." The pp. collapsed is attested from 1609, from L. collapsus, and this seems to have suggested the verb.

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