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The Synonym of - collation (noun)

Word Example of - collation

    Example Sentences for collation

    Consequently, he only gets the burdens by reason of the collation, and nothing to his advantage.

    Uncle Ben must take the things over to the island for the collation.

    The text was printed from a transcript of a transcript, without much pains bestowed on collation, as he tells us himself.

    Tom and Robert on board the ship were arranging for the collation.

    We resolved to send the collation without fail, and to lay out two hundred reals on it.

    The refreshments may be served at tables, or a "stand up" collation given.

    On a collation with the printed copy, the mutilations are not only excessive, but betray a defective judgment.

    There were anvils, brass bands, and a "collation" at the hotel.

    This collation betuene whordome and Idolatrie is playne and true / taughte by the prophettes and Paule.

    After this collation the priest pronounced the blessing, and so the service ended.

Word Origin & History of - collation

    Word Origin & History

    collation late 14c., from O.Fr. collation, from L. collationem, noun of action from collatus, pp. of conferre "to bring together" (see collate). The word has had many meanings over the centuries. As the title of a popular 5c. religious work by John Cassian, "Collation" was sometimes translated into O.E. as þurhtogenes.

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