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What is a better word for collection? What's another word for collection? What are 5 "collection synonyms"? How can I replace the word collection? What is the meaning of collection in English?

Word Example of - collection

    Example Sentences for collection

    "I wouldn't have believed a collection of houses could look so lovely," he said.

    The executor took his place both for collection and payment.

    Go through their Spanish collection, and then examine their files of Arriba of Havana.

    They are like a collection of medals struck in honour of the conquests of cynicism.

    From the collection a vivid picture may be drawn of the great city.

    Does anybody know if there's a collection, because if so I shall have to go and get some money.

    We must follow the career of the collection to its melancholy end.

    "There will be a collection for the baby afterwards," said Archie.

    The air is also to be found in a Dutch collection of Songs published at Haarlem in 1626.

    In this way they had made quite a collection by the time they were called to move on.

Word Origin & History of - collection

    Word Origin & History

    collection late 14c., "action of collecting," from O.Fr. collection (14c.), from L. collectionem "a gathering together," noun of action from colligere (see collect). Especially of money gathered for religious or charitable purposes from 1530s. Meaning "a group of objects viewed as a whole" is from mid-15c.