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Word Example of - collectivism

    Example Sentences for collectivism

    Communism, Socialism abolish private property and push us back into Collectivism.

    In fact, all its demands may be reduced to two—Collectivism and Democracy.

    Now, what provision is made for generating the motor power of progress in Collectivism?

    The intolerable bureaucracy of collectivism is wholly an imaginary evil.

    The movement is divided into two main branches—socialism proper, or collectivism, as it is sometimes called, and anarchism.

    But not one of the elements of this collectivism is a novelty.

    But it is simply not the fact that Collectivism is the only other scheme for a more equal order.

    War has been, and still is, the school of collectivism, the warrant of tyranny.

    What difference, I have been asked, is there between Communism and Collectivism.

    We've had advantages; we've had unity and collectivism blasted into our brains.

Word Origin & History of - collectivism

    Word Origin & History

    collectivism 1880, in socialist theory, from collective + -ism. Related: Collectivist (1882 as both n. and adj.), collectivization (1890).