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Word Example of - color

    Example Sentences for color

    She had been rather pale when he entered, but now the color rushed to her face.

    God knows it's as soft as silk and just the color of oak leaves in winter.

    "It is certainly a strange medley of color," Tranter admitted.

    It was a small object, oval, flattened, the color of old ivory.

    In color he was manifestly white, for all that dirt and the weather could do to disguise it.

    This was furnished daintily and with great taste in color and furnishing.

    Every spot of color on bird or insect it finds to be the trace of a utility.

    Their changes of color—as to variety—are not up to the creature's reputation.

    Her thoughts, whatever they were, drew the color of surprise from her face.

    He watched her, the color still in his face, and in his eyes a growing fascination.

Word Origin & History of - color

    Word Origin & History

    color early 13c., from O.Fr. colur, from L. color (acc. colorem) "color, hue," from Old L. colos, originally "a covering" (akin to celare "to hide, conceal"), from PIE base *kel- "to cover, conceal" (see cell). O.E. words for "color" were hiw, bleo. The verb is from c.1300, earliest use is figurative.