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Word Example of - colossal

    Example Sentences for colossal

    The Frankish chief who stood before me was a man of colossal stature.

    Think of the ages which must have been consumed in the execution of this colossal sculpture.

    The plain indeed was etched in white circles and whirligigs like the slope of a colossal wave.

    Silent, grim, colossal, the big city has ever stood against its revilers.

    What would be thought of an avenue nearly two miles long, lined with over twelve hundred colossal sphinxes?

    The colossal head of another statue of Rameses was found near by.

    On the other hand, with the invention of printing, the cause of Reformation takes a colossal stride in advance.

    They are colossal in size, and have both made the journey to Paris.

    We visited the wonderful temple, the first we had seen with the ceiling intact, which the colossal pillars were made to support.

    I'll show you how to realise a colossal fortune if you only take my advice.

Word Origin & History of - colossal

    Word Origin & History

    colossal 1712 (colossic in the same sense is recorded from 1607), from Fr. colossal, from colosse, from L. colossus, from Gk. kolossos (see colossus).

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