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Word Example of - combination

    Example Sentences for combination

    From this combination they experience distress and blame the porridge.

    And it was the combination which had won the victory for him.

    All thinking towards any goal is a similar instance of the law of combination.

    To-day, they have lost their fear in the confidence of combination.

    Fig. 71 shows a combination of a hexagonal prism (m) with the basal pinacoid (c).

    "A combination of weather, soil, et cetera," the medic said.

    Outline the combination of factors that has produced New York bread made from Minnesota wheat.

    A combination can exist where each of its members would perish.

    He closed the door of the safe, spun the knob, and in the desk-drawer replaced the slip of paper bearing the combination.

    The idea of a combination of toasts and stories (two-books-in-one) is attractive.

Word Origin & History of - combination

    Word Origin & History

    combination 1530s, from O.Fr. combination (14c., Mod.Fr. combinaison), from L.L. combinationem "a joining two by two," from combinare (see combine).

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