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Word Example of - combine

    Example Sentences for combine

    Why may a paper manufacturer not combine paper bags and wrapping paper in one territory as well as another?

    This seems to combine the dread of steel with that of fire (Lemke, p. 41).

    I found that, later on, I should be expected to combine the work of teller with that of bookkeeper.

    He must give it soul, if it have any; he must combine, concentrate, and direct its power.

    Alexis resolved to combine Christian Europe, if possible, in a war of extermination against the Turks.

    Every thing seemed to combine to magnify the power of the king.

    Even under the most favorable conditions it has not been made to combine with any other element.

    They combine the idea of the day nursery and the kindergarten.

    In the first we combine and build up, in the latter we dissect and separate.

    Fancy what it will mean when they have all learnt to combine!

Word Origin & History of - combine

    Word Origin & History

    combine c.1440, from M.Fr. combiner, from L.L. combinare "to unite, yoke together," from L. com- "together" + bini "two by two," adv. from bi- "twice." Combine "machine that cuts, threshes and cleans grain" (short for combine harvester) first attested 1857.