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Word Example of - combustible

    Example Sentences for combustible

    Let us, at risk of some iteration, consider some of these combustible elements.

    I know that there are combustible materials there, and that they wait the torch only.

    Others, having been daubed over with combustible materials, were set up as lights in the night-time, and thus burned to death.

    In half an hour, the huts were stripped of their most combustible material.

    I firmly believe that life as now manifested in our bodies is a combustible force identical with that of any other form of life.

    "Well, Tom, we'll try and get some combustible or other," said Paganel.

    Oxygen gas will not burn of itself, but it aids the decomposition by fire of bodies that are combustible.

    Not only the first class of metals are combustible, but the last also.

    Commonly the rapid union of oxygen with some combustible substance, attended with the evolution of heat.

    Why do "burning glasses" appear to set fire to combustible substances?

Word Origin & History of - combustible

    Word Origin & History

    combustible 1520s, from Fr. combustible, from L.L. combustibilis, from combustus, pp. of combuere (see combustion). Fig. sense is from 1640s; as a noun, from 1680s.