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Word Example of - coming

    Example Sentences for coming

    Harriet's climbing was not so rapid as to make her dizzy; but business was coming.

    Pen interrupted nervously: "A couple of men are coming up the trail."

    Found on stumps and roots from September till the coming of frost.

    It was then about dusk, and the night was coming on rapidly.

    The ladies and gentlemen who were coming to dine at the Villa had all arrived.

    It is like coming out of a foetid cave into the evening sunshine.

    When they killed the buffaloes she was coming back; the wife stood on the hill.

    There is nothing to prevent her from coming about and running back to Jacksonville.

    George saw her coming, and wondered what could possibly be her errand.

    "We are bound to the southward, coming down from St. Johns bar," I replied.

Word Origin & History of - coming

    Word Origin & History of coming

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