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Word Example of - command

    Example Sentences for command

    Santa Anna's command comprised at least twenty thousand Mexicans.

    She summoned all the strength at her command to shake her head.

    She begged of him to command his brother Pluto to return her daughter to her.

    He wanted to keep the errors of personnel under his command—and his own—in the family.

    The gods,” answered Hippias; “for the first command to all men is to adore the gods.

    In this world the killer can command, as his fetich, the soul of the killed.

    All that we have is yours, to the very last day of your life you have only to command, and we obey.

    Scarcely a man represented the old civilization who can command our respect.

    But the forces under Temujin's command were too strong for them.

    Since the command comes from a god, how shall the man not obey?

Word Origin & History of - command

    Word Origin & History

    command c.1300, from O.Fr. comander "to order, enjoin," from V.L. *commandare, from L. commendare "to recommend" (see commend), alt. by influence of L. mandare "to commit, entrust" (see mandate). Replaced O.E. bebeodan. The noun is attested from 1550s. Commander in chief attested from 1650s.

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