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Word Example of - commanding

    Example Sentences for commanding

    A commanding brow, thoughtful eyes, and a mouth that seemed to respond to all humanities.

    The commanding officer had made his choice and that ended it.

    Never did a Commanding Officer have less trouble—the conduct of everybody was so good.

    This important post occupied a commanding position near the eastern extremity of Lake Ontario.

    The position was one of peculiar strength and importance for commanding the navigation of the river.

    The two parties approached each other; and the Illinois, guided by Tonti, were placed in a commanding position to resist attack.

    Ronald, colonel of the 2d, commanding in Winder's place, made with despatch a line of battle.

    Joe had reached most of his peaks while in retreat, or commanding a holding action.

    Commanding the forces of this realm it is I, who am the real lord of the Matsyas.

    Suddenly above the music rose a voice, commanding, threatening.

Word Origin & History of - commanding

    Word Origin & History

    command c.1300, from O.Fr. comander "to order, enjoin," from V.L. *commandare, from L. commendare "to recommend" (see commend), alt. by influence of L. mandare "to commit, entrust" (see mandate). Replaced O.E. bebeodan. The noun is attested from 1550s. Commander in chief attested from 1650s.

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