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Word Example of - commencement

    Example Sentences for commencement

    At the commencement of the quarrel he had been unarmed, but he had now seized this weapon in self-defence.

    And so the wedding was set for a few days after Commencement.

    It had long been the custom of the seniors to follow the commencement proper with a banquet.

    Both Douay and Joutel accompanied this expedition from its commencement to its close.

    The Greek army was destroyed, and this event marks the commencement of the decadence of Athens.

    That night was the commencement of my greatness in what the world calls villainy.

    Regard her as she stood at the commencement of the extraordinary steps that were taken for her relief!

    Thus the impression would grow from the commencement to the close.

    Then when a crescendo came, he raised himself again by degrees, and upon the commencement of the forte, sprang bolt upright.

    Am I nearer heaven, and better prepared for death than at its commencement?

Word Origin & History of - commencement

    Word Origin & History

    commencement mid-13c., from O.Fr. comencement (Mod.Fr. commencement), from comencier (see commence).

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