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What is a better word for commendable? What's another word for commendable? What are 5 "commendable synonyms"? How can I replace the word commendable? What is the meaning of commendable in English?

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    Example Sentences for commendable

    Collectively, they are commendable, especially those located in country places, away from scenes of dissipation and profligacy.

    Surely these are most commendable features of any course of study.

    The attitude of the people as soon as the news spread was commendable.

    Still, it was a commendable effort in the boy to try to improve his mind.

    After luncheon on Sunday, Mr. Delane had a nap, as his commendable custom was.

    It is a characteristic document, and, in some points of view, commendable.

    What a commendable difference between her manner to him, and her mother's!

    Spoken when a thing, commendable for its kind, is found fault with for its quantity.

    With commendable modesty, or possibly a fellow feeling, this worthy has omitted shark.

    This is a commendable practice, for it is the one that is most likely to lead to success.

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