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Word Example of - commendation

    Example Sentences for commendation

    The dials made out of herbs and flowers come in for a special share of his commendation.

    They might have had commendation for their daring had it not been for their brutality and treachery.

    It is a source of great satisfaction that we are always enabled to recur to the conduct of our Navy with price and commendation.

    Such a grouping of subject matter is in itself a commendation.

    As far as possible, avoid comment or commendation until all the fables have been given.

    Some were more than encouraging; very high-colored in their phrases of commendation.

    You might be the lords man merely by commendation and yet be unable to sell your land without the lords leave.

    Elmendorf had certainly been most flattering in his commendation.

    Probably these are the most appropriate, if not the only, epithets of commendation which can be applied to it.

    You ask for what you do not need when you call upon me for a word of commendation.

Word Origin & History of - commendation

    Word Origin & History

    commendation late 14c., from O.Fr. commendation, from L. commendationem, noun of action from commendare (see commend).

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