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Word Example of - commendatory

    Example Sentences for commendatory

    Leibnitz on various occasions alluded to the Ars signorum in commendatory terms.

    Youve hit the mark, Fairbanks, were his first commendatory words.

    It was accompanied and introduced, as usual, by a great host of commendatory and laudatory sonnets and poems.

    For the most part, the commendatory section of the poem is an unsystematic tracing of Johnson's moral and literary merits.

    Is everybody so pleased with your book that you receive nothing but commendatory letters?

    I approve then your commendatory verses, and in my turn I crown with praise the poet you commend.

    His first work was a translation from Ovid, followed by commendatory verses prefixed to certain plays of Jonson.

    He was about to proceed with his commendatory harangue, when he was interrupted by Benedict Leonard.

    He turned back to the bed, and kneeling, read the commendatory prayer.

    He lay so quiet now that they thought he was going, and Michael knelt down by the bed and offered up the commendatory prayer.

Word Origin & History of - commendatory

    Word Origin & History of commendatory

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