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Word Example of - commensurate

    Example Sentences for commensurate

    Let the education of woman be commensurate with her influence.

    Our attainments in these directions appear to be commensurate with our needs.

    On the contrary, the thanks I get are far more than commensurate with the labour.

    Justice demands that punishment be commensurate with reward.

    The honour thus conferred was but commensurate with the blessings he brought.

    No gratitude could be commensurate with the benefit I conferred upon you.

    In so doing it but reflects, commensurate with its conscious thought, that which is the hidden source of all beings.

    Whether the results were commensurate with our efforts I cannot say.

    The vastness of his grief seemed to be commensurate with his size.

    Love, which is commensurate with life, has innumerable phases.

Word Origin & History of - commensurate

    Word Origin & History

    commensurate c.1400, from L.L. commensuratus, from L. com- "with" + L.L. mensuratus, pp. of mensurare "to measure," from mensura (see measure).

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