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What is a better word for comment? What's another word for comment? What are 5 "comment synonyms"? How can I replace the word comment? What is the meaning of comment in English?

Word Example of - comment

    Example Sentences for comment

    "He and Brown seem to be pretty thick," was Randy's comment.

    No comment was made upon Madeleine's determination to remain at home.

    The "Iliad" had Porphyry's comment; it was a copy of a rare edition, and was richly bound.

    He gave a sigh of sympathy, but did not attempt to make any comment.

    Claire made no comment; her whole desire was to dull all sense of emotion from the situation.

    And he added the comment that the first model was as yet incomplete.

    Chase returned to his reading; his only comment to Dolly was, "She seems to look pretty well."

    From all sides rose the hum of comment and the murmur of speculation.

    The shopman seemed surprised at his choice, but made no comment as he took his money and handed him his change.

    "You certainly hit the bull's eye that time," was Rhoda's comment.

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