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Word Example of - commentator

    Example Sentences for commentator

    The Commentator adduces in illustration, his being afflicted with incurable disease.

    At the same time, we have not blindly or implicitly followed this commentator.

    But—isn't it the theory nowadays that there shouldn't be any commentator?

    The Commentator explains this by a word which signifies cause or source.

    The Commentator considers the treasure-trove here alluded to, to be buried wealth, of which there is no claimant.

    The Commentator remarks, that this includes every kind of corporal punishment.

    Under such conditions the course of the commentator is clear.

    We have followed the Commentator in translating this indefinite term.

    Voltaire, as editor and commentator of Corneille, is freezingly cold.

    The Commentator refers, in explanation of this sloka, to Manu, ch.

Word Origin & History of - commentator

    Word Origin & History

    commentator mid-15c., "writer of commentaries," from comment or commentary (L. commentator meant "inventor, author." Meaning "writer of notes or expository comments" is from 1640s; "one who gives commentary" (originally in sports) is from 1928.

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