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"commission Synonyms"

What is a better word for commission? What's another word for commission? What are 5 "commission synonyms"? How can I replace the word commission? What is the meaning of commission in English?

Word Example of - commission

    Example Sentences for commission

    As to the banker's part in the transaction, the whole question is one of commission.

    My $13,000 commission from the European trip had melted away.

    To deprive of commission, warrant, or rating, by court-martial.

    When Vienna refused its assent, Koch resigned his commission.

    "We'll get him a commission in a marching regiment," said my father.

    As a substitute, Justice Joseph Bradley, was put on the commission.

    His advancement had been rapid, from private to sergeant, and from sergeant to a commission.

    Would you have a commission appointed by the ministers for settling these questions?

    If they exceed not the bounds of that commission or trust which they received from you.

    The commission for this ballet was offered to Godard, a well-known French composer.

Word Origin & History of - commission

    Word Origin & History

    commission 1344, from L. commissionem (nom. commissio) "delegation of business," from commissus, pp. of committere (see commit).