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The Synonym of - commissioner (noun)

Word Example of - commissioner

    Example Sentences for commissioner

    According to the Commissioner Barras, the last was the case.

    Lemaire was commissioner, and Schouten the captain of the ship.

    Commissioner Wright: "What was the feeling of the employes toward Mr. Pullman previous to the strike?"

    "Oh, you'll be watched all right," he said easily, and remembered the commissioner's warning.

    Of all of them the commissioner reports: "They work harder and more hours than men, and receive much less pay."

    "I have my theories about the Jack o' Judgment," said the commissioner.

    The government gave him a reward of fifty thousand dollars for his discoveries and made him commissioner of the gold fields.

    "These men have their totems and their sign manuals," said the commissioner.

    The Commissioner, who was getting really stout these days, cleared his throat.

    "The First Commissioner," said the colonel, lighting another cigar.

Word Origin & History of - commissioner

    Word Origin & History

    commissioner 1448, "one appointed by a commission," from Anglo-Fr. commissionaire, from M.L. commissionarius, from commissionem (see commission). Meaning "member of a commission" is from 1530s.