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Word Example of - commodious

    Example Sentences for commodious

    Not lightly are the lives of the mariners of our commodious port to be risked for the savin' of a penny'orth of oil.

    The house of Lawyer Hutchings was commodious and comfortable.

    On the 15th of January, 1520, he came in sight of a high hill overlooking a commodious bay.

    Evidently this had been a big, commodious and comfortable house in its day.

    These harbours are furnished with ample quay and shed-room, and also with a commodious graving-dockā€”the oldest in Scotland.

    She is most commodious; the cabins are much larger than is usual in a vessel of this size.

    Instead of belittling this commodious mansion, set to work at once, sir, and build us a fire.

    We knew that they were also plastered inside, so as to render them warm and commodious in winter.

    It is a safe and commodious harbor, and abundance of fresh water.

    Yet I can discover no symptom of a commodious arrangement for him.

Word Origin & History of - commodious

    Word Origin & History

    commodious 1423, "beneficial, convenient," from M.L. commodiosus "convenient, useful," from L. commodus (see commode). Meaning "roomy, spacious" first attested 1533.