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What is a better word for common? What's another word for common? What are 5 "common synonyms"? How can I replace the word common? What is the meaning of common in English?

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    Except for this tie of ineffectuality, they had nothing special in common.

    As he intended to profess the common law, he, took no degree.

    His house is a common meeting-place for members of the society.

    They keep their best sights for strangers, and not for common use.

    This manner of teaching was common in Athens, and he never lacked hearers.

    It made him look so common, so pushing, so like an Ephesus drygoods clerk.

    Brought it,” said Mike: “tucked it under a furze bush out on the common.

    Search the casual wards, the common lodging-houses and the prisons.

    What does a poet want with a knowledge of the world, in the common, sordid sense?

    Pork is the most common in use for meat, and the number of pigs raised is enormous.

Word Origin & History of - common

    Word Origin & History

    common c.1300, from O.Fr. comun, from L. communis "in common, public, general, shared by all or many," from PIE *ko-moin-i- "held in common," compound adjective formed from *ko- "together" + *moi-n-, suffixed form of base *mei- "change, exchange" (see mutable), hence lit. "shared by all." Second element of the compound also is the source of L. munia "duties, public duties, functions," those related to munia "office." Perhaps reinforced in O.Fr. by Frank. descendant of P.Gmc. *gamainiz (cf. O.E. gemæne "common, public, general, universal"), from the P.Gmc. form of PIE *ko-moin-i- (see mean ...(adj.)). Used disparagingly of women and criminals since c.1300. Common pleas is 13c., from Anglo-Fr. communs plets, hearing civil actions by one subject against another as opposed to pleas of the crown. Common prayer is contrasted with private prayer. Common stock is attested from 1888.