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What is a better word for commonplace? What's another word for commonplace? What are 5 "commonplace synonyms"? How can I replace the word commonplace? What is the meaning of commonplace in English?

Word Example of - commonplace

    Example Sentences for commonplace

    Finally, there was the pressing necessity of putting food into his mouth, a commonplace but still cogent consideration.

    It consists of the most worn and commonplace opinions which are current in the masses.

    Tis a short feast and a long famine, said a northern liveyere, quite cheerfully; to him it was just a commonplace fact of life.

    Describing it, he made even war a commonplace and a tiresome topic.

    A word, or a gesture, which in ordinary living would be commonplace, acquired a meaning and a significance all its own.

    They have contrived to make it as commonplace as human ingenuity could manage.

    He has only to keep within the sphere of commonplace to interest people as long as he lives.

    Providence but looks upon the water of the commonplace, and behold!

    This, then, was to be the end of all his dreams, this drudgery in a country town among these commonplace country people.

    Commonplace words, but words that made an epoch in the life of both.

Word Origin & History of - commonplace

    Word Origin & History

    commonplace 1549, "a statement generally accepted," lit. translation of L. locus communis, from Gk. koinos topos "general topic." The adj. sense of "having nothing original" dates from 1609.