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What is a better word for communication? What's another word for communication? What are 5 "communication synonyms"? How can I replace the word communication? What is the meaning of communication in English?

Word Example of - communication

    Example Sentences for communication

    There are many lines of communication between earth and heaven.

    "If you mean that I've been in communication with Mr. Stafford King, that's true," she said.

    A second time, I sent a military officer with a communication addressed by myself to President Lincoln.

    The effect of the communication must be destroyed by a counter communication.

    We touched at two or three places on the African coast, and he had some communication with the Moors.

    Is there no medium at all which forms the medium of communication?

    A minute later, they found themselves at the sloping entrance of what was evidently a communication trench.

    He hoped, by the aid of his captives, to open some communication with the foe.

    The communication from the money-lender's son was a long one, containing much news which it will be unnecessary to give here.

    Still, he was too much amazed to be able to give credence to the communication.

Word Origin & History of - communication

    Word Origin & History

    communication late 14c., from O.Fr. communicacion, from L. communicationem (nom. communicatio), from communicare "to share, divide out; impart, inform; join, unite, participate in," lit. "to make common," from communis (see common).