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Word Example of - communism

    Example Sentences for communism

    Much, no doubt, could be done even by what is now called Communism, but what in earlier days was called Christianity.

    An early form of communism with a sort of military-priesthood at the top.

    Communism, Socialism abolish private property and push us back into Collectivism.

    Communism possesses a language which every people can understand.

    I hasten to say, that if Protection can be and ought to be likened to Communism, it is not that which I am about to attack.

    It tends to Socialism, Communism and to Church volcanics generally.

    It is far more a question of property, and is more like Communism under the flag of religion.'

    It is a race as to whether this peninsula will be captured by communism or capitalism.

    This it does, and under Communism that source of evil would generally be absent.

    They are capable of fighting their own war, if war is necessary to protect them from communism.

Word Origin & History of - communism

    Word Origin & History of communism

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