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Word Example of - community

    Example Sentences for community

    That could be proved in most any community in the Blue Ridge.

    The most numerous are the labourers, who have to toil for the benefit of the community.

    As for Rick, the Community would have nothing to do with him.

    They felt that they were training to be of some service to the community.

    Their enterprise, energy, and thrift made them natural leaders in the community.

    Public spirit is the life of the community in the heart of the individual.

    There was one piece of information she gave out that puzzled the community no little.

    A community of ignorances may be as binding as a community of interests.

    This want of a central authority, though less complete than in Brahmanism, marks the early life of the Buddhist community.

    It ain't none of a parson's business what the community does.

Word Origin & History of - community

    Word Origin & History of community

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