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Word Example of - comparable

    Example Sentences for comparable

    Each side or shell is comparable to a door, opening and shutting on a hinge.

    The arrangement is comparable with Santorin in the Aegean Sea.

    Why is it when I know what results are expected, I get comparable results even on the first trial?

    Forsake not an old friend, for the new is not comparable unto him.

    The enlargements of the right thumb prints were reversed, in order to make them comparable on equal terms with those of the left.

    Are the sins of the body, foul as they are, comparable to those of the soul?

    It was assumed above that the activity of the sexual glands was comparable with that of muscles.

    There has certainly never yet been seen any coin, in any country, comparable to this.

    Not even the solidarity of the yellow peoples is comparable in scope.

    There is no phenomenon in the ether that is comparable with this.

Word Origin & History of - comparable

    Word Origin & History

    comparable 1413, from Fr. comparable, from L. comparabilis "capable of comparison," from comparare (see comparison).

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