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What is a better word for comparably? What's another word for comparably? What are 5 "comparably synonyms"? How can I replace the word comparably? What is the meaning of comparably in English?

Word Example of - comparably

    Example Sentences for comparably

    Not comparably to your ladyship; you are the very Cynthia of the skies, and queen of stars.

    Even tobacco and liquor were present in comparably liberal quantities.

    The gentry society was, therefore, a comparably stable society with little upward social mobility but with some downward mobility.

    We cannot apprehend an object as sublime while we apprehend it as comparably, measurably, or finitely great.

    Unlike the peoples of the great Asiatic and European folk-wanderings, they found no comparably developed peoples to bar their way.

Word Origin & History of - comparably

    Word Origin & History

    comparable 1413, from Fr. comparable, from L. comparabilis "capable of comparison," from comparare (see comparison).