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Word Example of - comparison

    Example Sentences for comparison

    It is only a comparison between what is and what could or ought to be, between the full and the full.

    What has Italy to offer in comparison with the Slovenes and the Croats?

    Comparison was considered an essential property of a perfect device.

    This comparison I have been able to make from a study of the embryology of Isotoma.

    Therefore it seems to me that the question is one of comparison.

    I wish you could grasp that in comparison with you, nothing matters to me.

    It is so magnificent that every other thing of the sort is quite lost in the comparison.

    He has so much, the rest will have such a trifle in comparison!

    Are they all contemptible in comparison of the Campus Martius and the river Tiber?

    It bears no comparison in color or taste to that made in Mizora.

Word Origin & History of - comparison

    Word Origin & History

    comparison mid-14c., from O.Fr. comparaison, from L. comparationem, from pp. stem of comparare "make equal with, liken," lit. "to couple together, to form in pairs," from com- "with" + parare "to make equal."

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