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Word Example of - compass

    Example Sentences for compass

    The rapid-fire guns are mounted in such manner that they can be swung and directed to any point of the compass.

    Then, turning from a look at the compass, he saw that the yacht's owner was on the bridge.

    His mark was a hand holding a compass, with the motto "Labore et constantia."

    There ain't no depending on my compass within two points and a half.

    One point of the compass is placed at the center of the protractor and an elastic band is looped between the points.

    Then you walk right up to the left of the compass and stand there.

    They began to cast an eye on the crown, and distracted the nation by cabals to compass their designs.

    Mr. Atkins has no compass, and I am responsible for your safety.

    He pondered the situation deeply; he evolved many foolish schemes to compass his own enlightenment, and dismissed them one by one.

    The girls adorn their cotton gowns with ‘compass work,’ exact, exquisite.

Word Origin & History of - compass

    Word Origin & History of compass

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