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Word Example of - compassion

    Example Sentences for compassion

    Von Horn looked at him, a tinge of compassion in his rather hard face.

    There was hardness in his voice when he spoke to the accused, but there was compassion there, too.

    His compassion was still strong, but it was mingled with a great horror.

    I am not telling you a romance, in order to excite your compassion, or to create sympathy.

    I am sorry that I had a moment's compassion and made the attempt.

    His motive was gratitude to us, and affection excited by compassion.

    The attenuated form, the pale face, and the sunken eyes of his once beautiful child, failed to move his compassion for her.

    "You are out of your mind," replied Dona Perfecta, with a look of compassion.

    He had compassion on her, and went on further, and a hare darted across their path.

    They forgot, too, that compassion is precisely the quality in which they were most lacking.

Word Origin & History of - compassion

    Word Origin & History

    compassion mid-14c., from O.Fr. compassion, from L.L. compassionem (nom. compassio) "sympathy," from compassus, pp. of compati "to feel pity," from com- "together" + pati "to suffer" (see passion). Loan-translation of Gk. sympatheia.

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