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What is a better word for compatible? What's another word for compatible? What are 5 "compatible synonyms"? How can I replace the word compatible? What is the meaning of compatible in English?

Word Example of - compatible

    Example Sentences for compatible

    That is all; and though it may be a rude plan, it is compatible with the most absolute individualism.

    Such a system of solid rings is not compatible with the laws of dynamics.

    Two people who are to live together as man and wife must be compatible in tastes and temper.

    Castles with unknown passages are not compatible with my homely muse.

    Now, it may not be compatible with the views of Her Majesty to accept my service under such conditions.

    Practicality is compatible with romance as well as with rascality.

    Nothing else—Felix learned—was compatible with dignity, or even with peace of mind.

    No, fair one, not quite that, but as near it as was compatible with humanity.

    It must be admitted that, as far as was compatible with his quality of temper, he was; none more so.

    Believe me, I would have spared you, gladly, had it been compatible with my sense of the right.

Word Origin & History of - compatible

    Word Origin & History

    compatible 1459, from M.Fr. compatible, from M.L. compatibilis, from L.L. compati (see compassion).