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The Synonym of - compelling (adjective)

Word Example of - compelling

    Example Sentences for compelling

    Her great charm for him consists in the power she possesses of compelling him to control his impulses.

    For sheer attractiveness the butterflies are as compelling as the orchids.

    His voice had a strange ring of authority, compelling her to turn and look upon his face.

    When it really occurs, it is as compelling as the hunger for food.

    Impeachment as a means of compelling the observance of traditions has, of course, long been obsolete.

    They flexed their compelling muscles before her and bespoke her for the dance.

    It followed that he must have been a wizard, and have gained his power and wisdom by compelling fiends.

    It had been a compelling smile, charming for its very rareness.

    He eyed me sardonically for a moment, as if enjoying in anticipation the pleasure of compelling me against my will.

    But they were too compelling, and she could not drive from her mind the memories that absorbed it.

Word Origin & History of - compelling

    Word Origin & History

    compelling c.1600, from compel. Meaning "irresistible" is from 1901.

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