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Word Example of - compendium

    Example Sentences for compendium

    His "Prlectiones theologi" in nine volumes reached its thirty-fourth edition, while its "Compendium" saw fifty-seven.

    She was worth her wages to the office merely as a compendium of shams.

    He calls his book a compendium extracted from all authors and the practice of the professors, and edited only by himself.

    His compendium of Galen was the text-book of medicine in the West for many centuries.

    In neither of these respects is the compendium of Gilbert liable, I think, to adverse criticism.

    He began a compendium of religions, then of literature, and last of the Romance languages.

    As early as 1868 it was found that one who had thankfully read this Narrative had issued a compendium of it in Swedish.

    Tis a Compendium of our Proceedings and may save you the Trouble of reading them.

    There was call for a compendium, a manual of the matter; and in providing it Paschasius was a master mechanic for his time.

    It is a species of compendium of the work of M. Willems, and was issued in 1889.

Word Origin & History of - compendium

    Word Origin & History

    compendium 1589, from L. compendium "a shortening, saving," lit. "that which is weighed together," from L. compendere "to weigh together," from com- "together" + pendere "to weigh" (see pendant).

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