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Word Example of - competence

    Example Sentences for competence

    It was the sense of her competence that gave her the self-respect enabling her to bear up.

    It requires a large quantity of land to produce a competence.

    Whilst he acknowledges its competence, he promotes its efficiency.

    The competence of the tribunal in civil cases is very considerable.

    Competence easily obtained, such was their hope and their motive.

    Is the vulgar security of competence to live on—is that enough for one like you?

    Now in each special art, the requisite knowledge and competence is possessed only by the one or few artists who practise them.

    She had seen before that look of competence, of easy self-reliance.

    In 1898, feeling that he had accumulated a competence, he retired to Dayton, where he is still living.

    He and his sister Kate had inherited a competence from their parents.

Word Origin & History of - competence

    Word Origin & History

    competence 1632, "sufficiency of means for living at ease," from Fr. compétence, from L. competentia "meeting together, agreement, symmetry," from competens, prp. of competere (see compete). Meaning "sufficiency to deal with what is at hand" is from 1790.

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