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Word Example of - competent

    Example Sentences for competent

    Zillah was quite as devoted a wife and competent a housekeeper as her older sister, but not so wise and faithful a mother.

    Both of them were competent to run the engine, and had served their watches in the Maud.

    Indeed the ingenious home-maker often finds that the worse a thing is, the better it can be made by competent and careful study.

    There were no "green hands" to be favored, for every one was competent to hand, reef, and steer.

    Nevertheless his general air was of an out-of-door man, competent and skilled in the open.

    I have no knowledge of the world, and am not competent to manage my business affairs.

    The competent person is the sagacious (not to say sly) old gentleman—whom we used to call the Governor.

    The greatest defect in the system was the lack of competent teachers.

    A traveller, like a witness in court, should be competent and unexceptionable.

    It has been pursued by competent experimenters for a short time only.

Word Origin & History of - competent

    Word Origin & History

    competent c.1400, from O.Fr. competent, from L. competentem (nom. competens), prp. of competere "coincide, agree" (see compete). Legal sense is late 15c.