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Word Example of - competitive

    Example Sentences for competitive

    Tying the intellectual aspects onto the framework of competitive sports was a little more difficult, but not overwhelmingly so.

    The competitive edge is provided by the intelligent use of data.

    Such a competitive stage would represent little advance over the present nationalism.

    Competitive wages are paid side by side with customary wages.

    The old method of culture may be said to have culminated in the competitive examinations of the English universities.

    I say, Vincent, did you see this correspondence about competitive examinations?

    Even more deplorable is the competitive spirit in sport; more deplorable because more insidious.

    At competitive exhibitions, the element of comparison comes in.

    Instead, a competitive prize fire drill by the Club fire department was held.

    Business is dull and he is hard-pressed by competitive houses.

Word Origin & History of - competitive

    Word Origin & History

    competitive 1829, from L. competit-, pp. stem of competere (see compete) + -ive.. Related: Competitively; competitiveness.

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