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Word Example of - compilation

    Example Sentences for compilation

    Pliny, as a matter of course, believed this marvelous story, and has inserted it in brief in his compilation of natural history.

    There are also many curiosities of compilation in auction catalogues.

    About that year he began the compilation of his Chronica, a work intended for the private reading of his brethren.

    In the publishing world, this is the age of compilation, not of creation.

    They were simply the compilation of lists of crude astrological omens, of the most foolish and unreasoning kind.

    The Athenae Oxonienses then was one source of the compilation.

    It was a compilation written in an ancient language (the Zend) which the faithful themselves no longer understood.

    But when the compilation was complete, there were no similarities at all.

    It is difficult to say much in praise of this compilation, which has, indeed, been universally condemned.

    Among students the compilation is generally called the Avesta.

Word Origin & History of - compilation

    Word Origin & History

    compilation 1420s, "that which is compiled," also "action of compiling," from Fr. compilation, from L. compilationem, noun of action from compilare (see compile).

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