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The Synonym of - complainant (noun)

Word Example of - complainant

    Example Sentences for complainant

    Pete had come over from Red Dog's camp with some of his plunder, and had no idea the complainant had forestalled him.

    Such are the characters of the complainant and the defendant in this cause.

    The complainant's shield was examined and counted, and not a flaw discovered.

    "The bill, since it was taken from the complainant, has been in charge of the court," said Conway.

    He here employs the very person against whom the complaint is made to imprison the complainant.

    I'll have the complainant here to-morrow, if it's a possible thing.

    Separating himself from the complainant and looking fixedly at him, he spoke in a low voice, hissing with wrath.

    Anneslie, the knight, was the complainant and the challenger.

    At least, there's nothing tedious to the complainant I presume they make it red-hot for the criminal.

    The statutes should show clearly that the time runs from the date of the discovery of infringement by the complainant.

Word Origin & History of - complainant

    Word Origin & History

    complainant 1490s (n. and adj.), from Fr. complaignant, prp. of complaindre (see complain). The prp. also was used as a noun in M.Fr.

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