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Word Example of - complainer

    Example Sentences for complainer

    I see that you think you have effectually disposed of all complaint by challenging the complainer to suggest a remedy.

    It is for the complainer's relief, not for God's information.

    Although Achan was the only offender, he was probably far from being the only complainer on that occasion.

    Chamillart searched for the document, found it, and saw that the complainer was right.

    "Together we make sweetest harmony," returned the bell next the complainer.

Word Origin & History of - complainer

    Word Origin & History

    complain c.1370, from stem of O.Fr. complaindre "to lament," from V.L. *complangere, orig. "to beat the breast," from L. com- intensive prefix + plangere "to strike, beat the breast," from PIE base *plag- "to strike." Older sense of "lament" died out 17c.

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