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What is a better word for complaint? What's another word for complaint? What are 5 "complaint synonyms"? How can I replace the word complaint? What is the meaning of complaint in English?

Word Example of - complaint

    Example Sentences for complaint

    The complaint that “physicians were in vain” is of ancient date.

    I know not whether she had not, in her turn, some reason for complaint.

    No complaint was then made that you could not have a fair trial.

    And from this group in their agony rose no groan, no complaint.

    At the hearing on this complaint, Harris denied that he had ever contributed a dollar to Joe at the latter's persuasion.

    When the people complain, their complaint savours of rebellion.

    "Sir, I shall die over the job," had for a long time been the complaint of the minister worn out with fatigue.

    You remember what was the complaint of the people in Persia to Esther's king?

    His men came up in a body to the shop, headed by their eldest foreman, and laid a complaint before him.

    The old German complaint was, in like manner, "A owes me so much."

Word Origin & History of - complaint

    Word Origin & History

    complaint mid-14c., from O.Fr. complainte (12c.) "complaint, lament," from L.L. complancta, related to *complangere (see complain). Meaning "bodily ailment" is from 1705 (often in U.S. colloquial use generalized as complaints).