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Word Example of - complement

    Example Sentences for complement

    That solitary human voice was the complement of a theme whereof the incense and the monotonous music made up the other parts.

    We had, moreover, to make up our complement of passengers, and provisions.

    The crew of the Avenger is an inconceivable ship's complement for any pirate.

    The Renaissance, however, needed another factor to complement it.

    The one was the complement of the other, and each was handled with equal love and care.

    The complement of the logarithm of a sine, tangent, or secant.

    Each should be the complement of the other; theological knowledge should strengthen religious faith and practice.

    The abbreviation for complement of latitude, or what it is short of 90°.

    For the Crown allowed a certain number of men, and paid for the complement which they were supposed to carry.

    A transfer of hands from one ship to complete the complement of another.

Word Origin & History of - complement

    Word Origin & History

    complement 1419, "that which completes," from O.Fr. complement, from L. complementum "that which fills up or completes," from complere "fill up" (see complete). Originally also having senses which were taken up c.1655-1725 by compliment (q.v.).

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