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The Synonym of - completed (adjective)

Word Example of - completed

    Example Sentences for completed

    For ourselves, men of Lacedaemon and of the allied states, our task is completed.

    Mr Campbell had a few purchases to make here, which he completed.

    The triumph of the Castle was completed by the capture of Neilson and the Sheares.

    When I had completed the work, and hoisted the sail, I was delighted with its operation.

    Meantime some presses had been completed, and we could begin to print.

    Well, Jim, you've completed your very thorough investigation?

    The circuit is completed by turning a switch and the plating begins.

    Before the circuit has been completed the entire circle is in peals of laughter.

    As we were going upstairs to the luncheon room, this effect was completed.

    The fort was completed on April 26, and six swivel guns were mounted on it.

Word Origin & History of - completed

    Word Origin & History

    complete late 14c., from O.Fr. complet "full," from L. completus, pp. of complere "to fill up," from com- intensive prefix + plere "to fill" (see plenary).