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Word Example of - completely

    Example Sentences for completely

    His great plan of extermination of the British had completely failed.

    To have failed so quickly and so completely—oh, the mortification of it!

    The land, says Renan, who was commissioned to conduct the explorations, is now completely deserted.

    You're supposed to be suspicious, cynical, courageous, and completely trustworthy.

    French completely victorious "Lodi was nothing to Arcola" (Bourrienne).

    He was boycotted so completely that all human fellowship was denied him.

    Dead so completely that not even a convulsive tremor passed through his body.

    The towboat and the railroad had done their work, and done it well and completely.

    Kratzek had a fine color from his ride, and he seemed to John to be completely well of his wound.

    Would I let the memory of other days so completely pass from my mind as to—'

Word Origin & History of - completely

    Word Origin & History

    completely 1520s, from complete (q.v.).

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