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Word Example of - complex

    Example Sentences for complex

    Complex and improper fractions and recurring decimals are not allowed.

    And the reason for this is simple; love is a complex to a woman.

    The same variety of function is acquired by the ear in its development from its simplest to its most complex form.

    He was an orator, a dreamer, and a visionary; a strange, complex character.

    The first cause lies evidently in the law of proceeding in every organism as in every work from the simple to the complex.

    But she was aware that politics is a complex business in which she was not trained.

    A complex sentence is one containing a principal clause and one or more subordinate clauses.

    Together, they give us an image of how complex the process of self-constitution is.

    Figures for the Pacific theater were omitted because of the complex reorganization of Army troops in that area in early 1947.

    Business administration in marine affairs is complex enough.

Word Origin & History of - complex

    Word Origin & History

    complex c.1652, "composed of parts," from Fr. complexe, from L. complexus "surrounding, encompassing," pp. of complecti "to encircle, embrace," from com- "with" + plectere "to weave, braid, twine." The adj. meaning "not easily analyzed" is first recorded 1715. Psychological sense of "connected group of repressed ideas" was established by C.G. Jung, 1907. Complex sentence is attested from 1881.

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